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Technovation 2018, Booth #43

ubiZense Chief Architect, Dr. Jerrel Leung (center) introduced to Mr Nicholas W. Yang, GBS, JP, Secretary for Innovation and Technology and others VIPs about Airport Zense, an enhancement in the IoT-Augmented Airport Service System developed by the Center of Cyber Logistics.

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Technovation 2018 hosted by the Hong Kong International Airport was being held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC), November 28-29 (Wed-Thur), 2018. Getting to Hall 3E of HKCEC was a refreshing task for me, especially with quite a number of other large, or lareger, exhibitions in the other halls. The reception counter was impressively staffed, a simple scan of the QR code and my guest badge was ready. The photographer(s) that positioned at the left entrance space was willing to keep your visit memorable with colorful shots, no doubt professionally done.

We actually started off a day earlier around 3 pm, hauling our equipment to HKCEC with the help of a GoGoVan, an Uber-like van service. The hardware of three 50-inch TVs and the stands occupied the cargo area and the ride from New Territories to the docking area in Wanchai was non-eventful, via the East Tunnel, a surprisingly quick run and the driver knew how to get to the dock entracnce of the new wing as if this was the driver's normal daily route.

The three TVs, connected to three desktops, were necessary for real-time demonstration of IoTs at work. One TV, the real-time monitoring of Internet of Things, such as the many thousand GSEs in airport lingo, was visualized individually over an enhanced Google map of the airport apron, at a fine grain level, and, in another TV, crucial managerial analytics per indicative metrics with respect to the overall OTP, as unique service tiles by design, were shown, updated in real-time as well. The third TV brought focus to the use of sensors, in some operating environment, was restricted, either being considered as invasive or even disruptive, but yet digital timestamps of noted events could still be established by visual analysis of videos, not by humans, but by trained AI models. The third TV showed how video analytics could augment IoT-enhanced smart airports.

Attendees (guests) and exhibitors were overall enthusiastic on the promise of the IoT technologies. IoT hardware units, or sensors, some with built-in low power, long range communication chipsets, were showcased. With IoT data, it was understood that a proper infrastructure was needed to ensure data flow reached all stakeholders, with strict security control, in a timely manner. There were examples of smart services geared for airport landside to improve passenger experience. One guest mentioned a 'message bus' architecture for smart data movement. Visitors commented on the visuals of the TVs, and would not expect, in most cases, that the active graphics was actually real-time. That is, the actual operation as now happening in the Hong Kong International Airport airside, some 40 km travel distance to the west, was viewed in an enhanced map here. An abundant visitors to the booth were very interested with the video analytics, processed & presneted on the spot by an AI model running on a laptop with a high-end GPU, connected by a HDMI cable to the TV.

The atmosphere in the Exhibition was filled with excitements and promises as speakers shared their experiences and views of IoT, cloud computing, and dynamic applications in the conference hall for two consecutive days. Top management of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) gave their forward looking ideas and opinions of smart airport. AAHK was and is definitely the leading proponent of IoT here in Hong Kong, and their willingness to embrace new and emerging technologies in their operations compared to none. We also believe IoT played an important role in enforcing accuracy in our information-heightened society, and completeness in information push to individuals with an improved sense of calmness, or zense.

Our experience in the Technovation 2018 was refreshing, stimulating and reassuring. Our efforts to bring zense to you all, by making use of senses and big data, will continue with earnest. We were all at ease knowing that we did not have to run out and get lunch or snack, an appreciative arrangement of the organizer. The calmness was occasionally interrupted by the uneven mobile network performance that we relied on to sustain the real-time visualization of airport activities in the apron. We hope to see you again in Technovation 2019 and IoTs then should enhance the loading and unloading of exhibitors' gears at opportunistic time in the next venue! Among other interests, we had enquires if IoT, or AS2-like system, could enhance the management of raw materials with respect to a construction site to reduce wait time of technicians already on-site. We surely believed that hta could be achieved with IoT. Nonetheless, hope to see you soon at ACI 2019

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